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Tips on how to maintain gpa in degree life

After a decade x blogging, yet really mcm awkward sgt bile start tulis post. Now it has been one year since my last post. Student life was really hectic yet enjoyable. Recently, result have been announced digitally through website. Alhamdulillah it was mucb better than my 1st semester. Why ? And how ? There are some tips that I will share for u guys to be consistent in your studies.
1) Jgn kedekut ilmu. Kita tolong orang, insyaAllah Dia pun akan tolong kita
2) Sentiasa menghormati orang lain. Sepanjang bergelar pelajar, kita perlukan keberkatan dlm menuntut imu. 3) Walau serendah mana pun carry mark kita, don't ever give up. Even subject killer sekalipun, u have to aim high. But careful. Not too overconfident. (I have learnt my lesson)
4) if x faham sesuatu, don't hesitate to ask. Rendahkan sikit ego u tu. Kalau u pelajar cemerlang terbilang dan gemilang sekalipun dlm kls, then ade some things yg I x boleh nk faham, tanya org laim. Tnye kwn2 kita. Kalau malu, terus tanya lecturer. It should be easy.
5) Kalau nak study last minutes, perlu ada cara. Kalau x biasa, jgn amalkan. Lebih elok start revise 2 weeks before exam.
6) Jaga makan minum tidur and one of most important thing is, SOLAT FARDHU 5 WAKTU.
8) and many more. U will discover more ways to survive in degree life by yourself.

Hopefully it helps even a little. Sorry for the 'rojak' language. My bad. Thanks for reading. May Allah bless you. ;)

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