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Shine Bright Like A Diamond

Content ape lg kali ni kan ? Tajuk pun pakai tajuk lagu. Anyway, this song by rihanna is one of my favourite song. And of course it has a story behind this. But yet, I can't tell u now. ��
Okay. Back to business. Student life. Is it easy as ABC ? Is it like counting 123 until infinity ? Is it the most hardest thing that we do in our life ? Is it ? Is it ? Or is it ? See. There are sooooooo much assumption of student, s life. And of course us as students who knows well how's our life.
Degree Student. Or an Engineering Student. Or any courses student should realize and know what they are doing daily. The most important thing to do everyday (don't miss it) is PRAY 5 TIMES. Solat fardhu itu penting. Jgn tinggalkan walau satu waktu. Kalau buat solat2 sunat lg bagus. Sentiasa muhasabah diri. Dan berdoa pd Allah agar hari esok lebih baik drpd hari ini dan semalam. Never give up. Just think positively. Set balik kat minda kita yg kita mampu berjaya. Jgn lihat kegagalan org lain tetapi lihatlah kejayaannya dan usahanya. Jgn biarkan org lain memutuskan semangat anda. Just give out all your best among the best.

Me wishing u all good luck in your life. Think positively. InsyaAllah, u will be a great person. ��


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